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No infested spawning in Plague Star stage 4


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At 38% the enemies stopped spawning. After waiting around and trying different things for nearly 10 minutes we went for the exit. We then came upon a large group of chargers, all sprinting in the direction of Cetus. This brought us to 50%. However, after killing the Hemocyte we still had no spawns and tried to repeat the same trick. We only saw a few more infested during several minutes.

Factors that may have played a part:

- This was the second Plague Star bounty in a row, without leaving for Cetus.

- The stop in spawn seemed to happen just around the switch from day to night.

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Clarifying this happened AFTER hotfix today
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For my team, the spawning stops around 30-38% when we've attempted to re-run the bounty without leaving the instance.  Every 5-10mins the boil will spew out 4 or 5 infested that, when killed, count toward purged progress albeit very slowly.

A work around is that one player will have to leave squad and finish it out solo.  The leave squad "event" seems to trigger the fourth bounty stage back into active state, with subsequent squad members able to complete the bounty successfully.

Quick edit:

My team ran the bounty back to back again from the bounty console and as long as everyone stayed within the stage 4 objective boundary (yellow circle) AND only killed the infested and NOT the pods that spawned we were able to complete a second run.  As I type this, we're going for a third run in the same instance.  Note that after around 50%, even with NOT destroying the infested pods, the pods stopped spawning.  However, the boil continued to spew infested until we reached the final stage.  Hopefully this helps other teams.

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