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The Golden Warframe: Avarice/Midas (added Broken Crowns: Nightwave intro part 1)


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A Warframe with the ability to turn Objects into gold with only a touch however both hands have different ways of doing so. Left hand will turn an object into gold by using the existing molecules of the object, which causes many gaps. His right hand will just turn the object to gold through void energy causing (most items) to become rapidly denser and explode. He can also cause gold to explode by snapping his right hand. His abilities involve covering enemies in gold, a.k.a. Gilding them, then using his last ability to explode them.

Name: Avarice, the Greed Warframe

Nicknames: Midas, the Golden Devil, Saint Morningstar, Bane of Mammon, Demon King. (All potential skin names)

Projenitor element: Heat

appearance: Avarice tends to reflect the sin of greed as a golden horned individual and a king like figure.



Avarice is Infamous among the Corpus. He is a Robin Hood like figure using his gang to steal from the Corpus hierarchy to eliminate debts and prevent movements that would hurt them more. He’s killed many Corpus Chairmen and leaders, all who received a golden Coin with a peculiar mark. It has been named the Mark of Avarice for all they would find is the Target completely converted to gold with their security decimated. He the most wanted criminal of the Corpus. Avarice is seen as a legendary figure even among the ranks of Warframes due to his ability to transmute elements permanently and control it even after. Many on refer him to Avarice as after he became a Warframe, before that he was known as Saint Morningstar.

Gold is not seen much in corpus uniform or technology surprisingly since they lust for wealth. The only man seen much with gold is Parvos. I give this explanation.

Before Avarice, gold was seen as a sign of wealth and power such is the reasoning of my hand. Yet with the presence of Avarice, it became a bad omen for my people. Most know that the Corpus aren’t superstitious but this thing rattled them to the core.

 A being that causes gold to detonate stirred fear among the Corpus, changing many things to blue hues and silvers. Even wearing colors associated as such was unsightly to many. Only workers would wear gold for they didn’t fear Avarice coming for them, why would they.

-Parvos Granum

Avarice origins: Saint Morningstar- The story of Saint Morningstar is one of dedication and selflessness. A high ranking Orokin official which was known for helping the poor and those in need, causing his peers to look down upon him. Saint Morningstar was his nickname due to his work was primarily on Venus a.k.a. The Morningstar. He was know for being very casual despite his high reputation and status.

I am aware my peers look down upon me for associating with the lowest ranks. They see me as ill accomplished and malnourished of drive. Some may even say they pity me. But what is Reputation to virtue and dedication? What is power with no honor, no glory? I’ve fought in the war, can my peers say the same?

I’ve seen troops die in vein, held my dying comrades in my arms. They say I lack drive and mind. They say they dedicate their entirety of their minds to the war but what do I give? I give it everything, I fight on the fields of war, I mend the wounded, I inspire hope where there is none.

And know that my body become broken and weakened by the wounds I’ve taken for the empire, I give my body so we can hopefully stand. So that I may still be able to help those in need…

-Saint Morningstar

when compared to the man he once was, a Saint, he has become a very different symbol. A man, whom dedicated his life to save and help others, now represents fear and hatred among the entire system.

Personality- Avarice had a very “thug” like mentality. He usually stands in a more laid back attitude and give a “what up” nod or limbers up.



Health:75 (225 at R30)

Shield:200 (600 at R30)


Energy:150 (250 at R30)

Passive: Golden Spoon- Avarice receives x2 credits from killed enemies. Picking up credits increase Avarice's shield and shield recharge to the max of 240% max shield and 180% shield recharge. (credited to (PSN)Tomplexthis) Gilded enemies have increased loot drop rate.


Every 200 credits picked up increase max shields by 1% to the max of 240%

Every 300 credits picked up increase shield recharge by 1% to the max of 180%

Gilded enemies are 5% slower per gilded stack

1st Ability: Yellow Brick Road- Avarice turns an area of the floor gold in front of him. The process causes the gold to collapse on itself and superheat making it Molting. Enemies that step into the molten gold will take heat damage and gain Gilded stacks (up to 10). Enemies that are gilded will appear as such by being colored gold. Golden statues will melt down if in the area of this ability increasing the range, duration, and destroying the statue. Using Snap of Avarice will ignite the  ability, increasing damage.


Strength: 150/200/250/300 heat per second, 300/400/500/600 heat per second (Snap of Avarice synergy)

Duration: 8 seconds, 12 seconds (Gold Touch Statue Synergy)

Range: 4m radius, 8m (Gold Touch Statue Synergy)

Misc: Gilded Status stacks 1 per second.


Augment-Gold dust: Avarice makes an area of volatile gold flakes that explode and deal blast damage.

stats: initial activation will blind enemies. 75/100/125/150 but as blast. Snap of avarice will cause a large firecracker like explosion as synergy instead causing 1000/1250/1500/1750 blast damage in an enhanced area (1.5x radius of yellow brick road)

2nd Ability: Decorated Arms- Avarice turns his ammo slowly to gold with his right hand causing giving his ranged weapons blast damage buff and exploding ammo. Enemies hit with the ammo will gain a gilded stack. The gun will be temporarily covered in gold with this ability in effect.


Strength: 30/45/60/90 blast damage bonus, increase all blast damage by 25%/30%/35%/40% for ranged weapons

Duration: 10s/ 15s/20s/35s

Range:bullets generate a small explosion radius

Misc: Gilded Status 1 per hit, Blast status chance is directly related to weapons status chance

Energy: 40

Augment- Fool’s gold: Does a greater amount of damage but does not apply Gilded status.

3rd ability: Gold Touch- Avarice grasp an enemies face with his right hand, turning them into gold. Avarice can turn an enemy with 10 gilded stacks into pure gold, killing them and turning into a golden statue. This ability is costly. The Golden Statue will release a massive explosion when Snap of Avarice is used.


Strength: 10% health conversion per second. 2000/2500/3000/4000 blast damage (Snap of Avarice Statue Synergy)

Duration: 10 second conversion

Range: Touch, 6m explosion radius (Snap of Avarice Statue Synergy)

Misc: Creates a golden statue out of enemy. Gold statue can be broken by allies for increased loot drop. Statue can be synergized with Yellow Brick Road and Snap of Avarice. 

Energy: 100

Augment-5 finger discount: Gold touch has Avarice absorb victims shield as over shield. Does not require gilded stacks. Costs x2 original cost.

4th ability: Snap of Avarice- Avarice Snaps his right hand causing everything gold in his radius to explode. Enemies will explode for damage per Gilded stack, enemy shields (such advanced electronics usually Have some gold in them) will be destroyed, and any Golden Statue made with Gold Touch will release a massive explosion.


Strength: 100/150/200/250 blast damage per Gilded status stack. Shields of enemies will be completely depleted.

Duration: Instant

Range: 20m radius, 2m explosion radius (gilded enemies)

Misc: eliminate enemy Gilded Status stacks. Blast status (100% per Gilded Status Stack)

Energy: 100

Augment-Blood Money: Avarice rips out the Gold instead to protect him. Description: Snap of Avarice deals half damage as (slash) but is protected by the gold.

Stats: Avarice gains 200 damage absorption per gilded status stack. 2000 per statue. 5 armor per gilded stack (armor buff is permanent until death). Note: augment causes ability to work similar to Iron Skin or warding halo, preventing it from being used again until damage absorption is depleted.

Signature weapon: (secondary throwing weapon) Marks Of Avarice- the throwing weapons are super heated Golden coins a mark of death to High Ranking Corpus. When Avarice uses these coins they become explosive and have a small chance of Gilding enemies.

Signature Weapon: (melee) Rapacity: a Mace that strongly resembles a heavily decorated gold bat. The Rapacity has immense weight, even the strongest individuals have difficulty caring this weapon around. Rapacity has increased credit drop and attack speed when used by Avarice.


Avarice_helm.jpgAvarice Helm without hoodAvarice_hood.jpg Avarice with hood

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Re-evaluating Avarice
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24 minutes ago, (PSN)Tomplexthis said:

its interesting, i was thinking he gets 2x the credits when he picks them up, and is more modeled after the corpus/parvos/granum/sisters.

`picking up credits could give him a stacking bonus to shields and shields recharge, up to +240% over shields and 180% shield recharge, passive.


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That’s a good idea and good to know I’m not the only to think a midas Warframe.

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There is a threat greater than any other being to the Corpus. It threatens their very way of life. They say it was made by the Orokin to regulate them, others say it comes from the void itself. A Demon made of gold, Avarice, that punishes those who oppress for personal gain. That it turns Chairmen and Enforcers to gold when they get to greedy, leaving their Golden body as a warning sign. They say that he sends you an adorned gold coin to mark you with fear. He will not spare your security nor you, no amount of money can buy him.

Many Corpus today say he’s a Folk-tale to scare children so they do not fly to close to the beautiful gold. Others say he’s died in the old war and the indebted worship a dead man. He’s no Folk-tale, I can tell you that.

but I can tell you Tenno, he is not dead. He was the last of you to sleep, do you feel it? Your brother is finally awake…

Parvos Granum 

Avarice was used by a Tenno nicknamed The Delinquent whom was sent by the Orokin to prevent the Corpus becoming too strong. He did not care much for orders or authority yet he, and his Avarice, powers were very powerful preventing anyway for them to punish him without collateral. When he was sent Neptune to observe and neutralize corpus leaders that may become a threat, he found his true calling. He helped those who lived in the slums (particularly an orphanage) by eliminating their oppressors and labeling them as potential threats.

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3 hours ago, (XBOX)Grimdark Dom said:

ooooh Loving the idea of this Midas frame. I wonder what type of design you would have for him. Maybe a hooded figure with golden limbs sticking out? 

I’ve been trying to figure out a good design choice for him. I’m trying to make his horns resemble a laurel wreath or crown, giving him a demonic appearance while still trying to keep the a corpus look. I also still have to get used to drawing Warframe style stuff. Though I have debated using a cloak style to cover most of his body or like a Greek/Roman toga.

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