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Amesha Warding Grace not working on Hemocyte


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I have tested this both as host and client, also solo and can confirm warding grace is not slowing the Hemocyte. My Amesha currently shows it has 77.5% slow on warding grace and it works on the infested mobs. I also found its not working on Tusk Thumpers, one thing to note is that spinning disk under them does slow down but their movement and attack speed are unaffected. I am coming back from a long break and searched but could not find any changes that should be causing this, please let me know if there was, thanks.

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gloom works, though after destroying a head it needs to be re-applied either by recasting or moving away so the hemocyte out of the gloom reach and go back in
edit: it probably works the same on amesha warding grace, recast or fly away so the hemocyte outside the range and fly back in

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additional bits on amesha
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