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Many kinds of texture bug remain for a long long looooong time!!!!


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  • Konzu and Vay Hek show glitterring appearance when they give the transmission.
  • The texture of warframes and planets are randomly broken after finishing a mission.

Especially the texture bugs of warframes and planets are ignored for... at least half a year.

When... whennn would you change your mind about QA!?

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the bug was found when the language setting is in English too
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I have the same bug too de and it has gotten worse since you ignored it just today I switched to my khora and all her colors were not only wrong and metallic but regardless of what I changed them to well let me ask this you know of the computer art program on every windows computer "paint" and when you use I think it was ctrl+I command that did the negative invert color deal well right now as I am typing this that is affecting my khora. so I am done asking:


sorry about the lashing but truely every problem I bring up tends to get ignored until it becomes problem for someone else.

just please please fix this it affects a lot more of the game than I would like. random arsenal things (warframes, helmets, armor, syandanas, pets, robots, and weapons) star map planets, mission graphics, enemy transmission videos, and even certain decorations (dojo and orbiter) please I am sick and tired of it being overlooked in the game probably because you haven't run into it yourselves. so please fix it and soon before it gets even worse than it already is

i recently learned this bug really triggers after a mission or returning from/to a relay or relay type area (fortuna, nekralisk, cetus, etc.) i hope this filters where you need to search for the problem

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learned new info also didn't post cause of bug
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Warframe is a living game they fix one thing and next patch something is broken. This also happens on PC and other platforms btw, there's always outstandign bugs and things they don't get to. 

I've been playing since near launch and the game is in a much better place on Switch than it was at launch. performance wise and visually.  The game looks way better than it did at launch. It's obvious a ton of work as gone into optimizing the game.

Content has also kept pace with PC since then.  I'd like to see these things fixed. The Konzu/vey hek bug in particularly troublesome visually as I see both  alot running plague star.

But they're not as critical as other bugs the game has facxed. 

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