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Starting an International Alliance


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Hey, Kiddo!.

As a clan from one country, we are creating an Alliance with International clans. Our goal is to make something more than gaming community. That's why we are going international! Best case scenario, we have an alliance that consists of a clans from all around the world. No matter where are you from, guys. France? Egipt? Ethiopia? Spain? We all love and hate this game together, so let's do it together.

Few words about our Goals aside from being international. 

-Discord server for Alliance clans. Almost finished. Communication is what we value the most.

-Because we are going to meet on chat or voice chat it would be nice to have an English language as primary one.

-Being active. That's obvious. Right? Right?

-It would be perfect to have clans with 30/50+ players (active ones).


Sooo... If you, as a clan headmaster (?) Are interested in joining our alliance and being a part of something beautiful, please leave a comment with your Discord Tag or pm me PappaJerry#1933


Don't have a nice day. Have a great day!

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