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My clan logo has a black square after a new update when it used to be transparent


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ok so, when i first made my clan i was asking a couple friends for platinum to make the clan logo then i personally made the clan logo and submitted it then it took a week to go through submission and when i got it in game it had a clear background now when i use the clan emblem on my warframes it shows a black square behind it when it didnt before and its not exactly game breaking but it just sucks i spent plat to make a custom banner and then it just got changed without me knowing and nothing in any patch notes its been like this since a little after sevagoths release i just havent been active and busy doing other things

before & after screenshots same frame no changes that i made and also one color change on the frame but tried to get the same angle

in these you can cleerly see that it has been changed since either of the updatesunknown.pngunknown.png?width=1179&height=663

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