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May I request that all Prime Trailers with Ballas were accessible ingame?


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Nidus Prime Trailer is currently age restricted in Warframe youtube channel, but Gara Prime isn't?

Sure, I sign in... then I'm asked by Google to verify my age and the options are: "Give us your Credit card information" / "Give us a copy of your passport or drivers lisence". I'm not going to do any of those, ever.

Could we just have these lore including Prime Trailers ingame, please?

I know I'm not the only one having this issue and I think the viewcounts for the videos reflect that.


While writing this, I finally found a way to see the Trailer via twitter

for those who are still looking for a way. And to note; for some reason I have not found this with search engines, I only just remembered to check Twitter for it. I don't usually associate Twitter as a 'video' source for manual searches.

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5 hours ago, (XBOX)Rez090 said:

No, the game's storage size would swell too much.

I'm no expert on these things, but shouldn't it be technically possible to stream a video to a display in my Orbiter?

In that case, the size of the video files themselves wouldn't affect the game's storage requirements -- they wouldn't be downloaded until the player actually watches.

And the ability to present players in-game with pre-prepared AV content external to the game's own files might be useful for other things (e.g. tutorials, perhaps).

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That's the thing, I watched the playstation channel one myself as I refuse to give google my ID.  I'm not entirely sure of the reason for the restriction since it's not a problem for other channels and the livestreams aren't restricted, which to be fair tend to be a tad more violent (since it's the full gameplay)

Seems a odd choice and might drive people away from the channel.

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