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Zaw Nikana and Tennogen Skin Problems


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To start off, zaw nikanas currently have two attachments appearing:

mY6zsIM.pngThis can be seen in the blue circle.  The sheath is also misaligned and you can see the tip of the hooked, silver blade sticking out in the red circle.  

The second attachment appears to be linked to the sheath skeleton, as seen in the red circle below:


While reporting this, I may as well try to report the issue with the Tennogen Nikana Shinigami Skin that exists when applied to any nikana:


The blue circle shows the misalignment of the sheath, where the hand is only holding onto a small portion of it.  It's hard to see, but the red circle shows the blade of the nikana, in gold, clipping out of the bottom of the sheath due to this misalignment.

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Just came here to post the same exact thing. Glad someone else noticed this too. I was going to buy a tennogen skin for nikana but I noticed one of my other skins has the blade clipping through the sheath all of the time. Definitely gonna hold off on the purchase until it is fixed. Hopefully this post gets a few more bumps. Would love to get this addressed.

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The Tennogen Nikana Undercutter Skin is also misaligned:



The sheath is canted to the right and is causing the blade to clip out of the left side of the sheath.


While typing this up, I went and checked some of the other skins I owned:



And just checking some of the previews of the nikana skins I don't own, it looks like whatever this last major update did, it misaligned basically ALL of the nikana sheaths.

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