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Third murmur not apply in Kuva Lich mission


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Alright, this make me snap!
 Lich (Rank 1) got frozen after I mercy it with my third murmur even though my position is correct.

According to the picture, my first attempt on Lich (Rank 1) is in defense mission. I already know 1 murmur which is Fass so I put OULL, FASS and something. In that mission I did not try my mercy with the last murmur so the lich went on and I finish the mission. 

After that I know two murmurs and that is Fass and Xata so I put OULL, FASS, XATA.

For some reason when I take the next mission which is exterminate, I attempt to do a full three mercy with 2 murmurs I got + OULL, the result is lich got frozen and stay in the mission with invulnerable health bar. So it maybe some bug and that's my second attempt.

Maybe third times the charm but it is not! Lich froze again.

So I switch the position now the murmurs are XATA, FASS, OULL.

Guess what! My fourth attempt it's wrong.
That means my second and third attempts are  correct
But Lich got frozen and my third murmur is not apply to Lich!

Now I have to make it furious again in Rank 2 0onaLOX.png

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