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Going in/out operator mode causes your primary arcanes' / galvanized mod timers to be incorrect on transference in.


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Found this while farming several missions, as it turns out going in operator and out causes your arcanes/galvanized mod timers to either deplete completely or their duration timers display incorrectly. It's not UI onlysince it does affect the stat increases too.

You have 5 stacks of galvanized chamber, you go in and out of operator mode while your stacks have a remaining duration of 17 seconds. Now, as soon as you go out of operator mode every stack will only last 17 seconds instead of 20. This happens with all the new arcanes/galvanized mods introduced in Sisters of Parvos. Also happens on any mission and it does not matter whether I'm host, in a squad or solo.

Mode: Solo
Patch: Hotfix 30.7.2

Some gifs:


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