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Black squares in the screen all the time


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Uhm, first question would be: Which operating system are you using? Win7? 8 / 8.1? 10? 32bit or 64bit?

What is your hardware?

Are you maintaining your drivers for GPU, DirectX and CPU?

Running Nvidia or AMD? Using software performed graphical adjustments like forced 16x anisotropic filtering, any kind of super sampling, forced anti-aliasing, and so on?

If yes to the last one, try to exclude the "Warframe.x64.exe" from the global adjustment rules. You can find it inside your game-installationfolder's location.


Other than that, you can use the Support Deck for these kind of things:


Do not forget to include your *.log files to your ticket, which can be found at "C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Warframe".

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A temporary fix is to disable Bloom in the Display settings. You'll get small black pixels on bright surfaces, but your screen wont be covered up. This is a long time glitch that shows up at random. Even more so for console players as of this Plague Star events return. It is entirely a Bloom glitch. Currently there is no fix. 

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