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Ghoulsaw finisher kills prevent guns from reloading


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Performing a finisher attack with the Ghoulsaw, front or back, will break equipped guns. The saw stays stuck to your hand, while the gun remains 'stowed away'. In this quasi-holstered state the gun can still be used as long as there is ammo in the magazine. When you run out, automatic reload won't kick in, nor will manual reloads do anything.

To trigger the bug, you must have either a primary or secondary weapon in your hands. No quick melee or melee-only mode.

It is easily fixed by just jumping, or having the Warframe play some animation that will correctly stow the saw away.

While bugged, you can also swap weapons back and forth to unlock the ability to reload, while still having the Ghoulsaw model in your hands, now merged with the gun.

Weapons that draw directly from reserves, such as bows, or those that recharge their magazines, like the Bubonico, seem largely unaffected - except for the silly model swap.

Bug in action here:




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