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Yareli's camera placement on Merulina with a secondary is frustrating and creates control issues


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So! When you activate Merulina, it automatically swaps to your Secondary, does a tiny little hop to the left(to cover for the camera shift, which it actually makes more obvious for people who play from over the left shoulder!) and, the problem part, shifts your model further from the reticle, which, no matter what shoulder you're looking over, causes your movement to 'miss' stuff that you appear to be aiming directly at. On top of that, since Merulina is so far from the reticle, your turn sensitivity is different depending on if you're turning left or right. Aiming pushes it slightly closer to normal, but that slows you down and narrows your field of view. 

If you want to play around with this, I suggest going into the Plains of Eidolon and playing around with the trees and lightposts right outside Cetus - depending on how far an object is from you, your movement can be a meter or more off of where you were pointing the reticle, which means you hit stuff you thought you were going to miss, and miss objects you expected to bonk into.

This is technically an issue shared with warframes and necramechs, but it's a much, much smaller distance for them and they have next to no momentum and can thus easily correct for it. Similarly, it's an issue for K-Drives when you have your Secondary out, but they generally aren't in terrain that necessitates precision to the extent Yareli is.


Also this isn't part of this feedback/issue but Merulina's turn radius is extremely bad when compared to normal K-Drives and I don't know why, even when aiming your secondary it feels super bad.


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