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I don't understand this death, can someone explain?



I was running PStar solo, with an OberonP that can facetank the Hemocyte (among other things, could probably run SP, but I prefer Atlas there).
My shields drop, I think "okay, I'm fine here, under level 40 and I'm not standing on the boil itself."

Then out of seemingly nowhere (no bullets, explosions, nothing), a shock eximus aura goes off (still not a big deal yet, but self explanatory at least), then a fire proc (source truly unknown, fire Eximus don't proc fire on you, nothing exploded, I just combusted), and then I dropped from almost full health. Confused, I went over the Semlar's parser to see what it was, at least. Not that any info would likely help, procs just happened.

I am now more confused:


<TheSixOfDiamonds> downed at 1,062 health by a SHOCK using a KuvaOgris

1) My Kuva Ogris is pure fire, so even if I got rad procced, it's the wrong element
2) I wasn't rad procced, the only procs on me were fire and shock
3) I've not seen a shock proc like that on SP

Anyone got a clue what went off?

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2 hours ago, Schwitzer said:

I think there's a bug where explosive weapons can still do self-damage. I've been experiencing this too. 

I get killed by the mysterious 'SHOCK' thing. Ghoul Augers are also a frequent offender.

I've not checked the log when they shoot your rocket. Even still, no explosion, and usually there's an explosion. Usually.

Also, I still don't know if their ability to shoot your rocket is a bug or not, iirc we can do the same to them. Never tried it, though.

2 hours ago, (PSN)Onder6099 said:

Killed by confused Operator with Lightning Dash, maybe?

Never dropped into Operator, and I don't have that unlocked.

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