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Joining into "late game" mission progress


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I think it would be great if you could join missions that are going on for a longer time. Some kind of "helping your fellow tennos out when the rest of the team abandoned them" function. When I play arbis or disruption and the team or one guy decides to leave at wave 5 or round 4 I always think about a feature like this. Especially in arbis where 4 players are needed to get the max amount of drone spawns. I know people are busy and have a life so you cant blame them for leaving. 

So how would it work? Should you get rewarded for using this option? What if players dont want your help?

You could select the game mode you want to help in. You would see the current enemy level and the frame that is used by the other player/s (so you know what your team needs). Maybe some zone in relays?

I dont think helping tennos should be rewarded like a new currency or standing for a shop to buy cosmetics/mods or something. Why? So you only get people that are really hyped about filling those spots. people would just abuse this system in some way to get free stuff and when they have all the things from the shop they would stop using this function.

Give players a new gadget that allows this option to be activated. A flare or something like that. So people that are fine and dont need any help or just dont want any help dont get helpers in their missions.

I dont know about you guys but I would definitely use such a system.

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