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RJ is still a buggy, infuriating mess


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Nevermind all the interface bugs. How about basic sht, like being able to complete the fckin mission. Just did a 30 min skirmish in the veil. Kill 8 crewships and 104 fighters. Fighters stopped spawning at 96, looked for 15 minutes all over the map, NOTHING. Im so done with these bugs. 40 minutes down the shtter, DURING affinity weekend. Finally got another Zekti MK3 shield as well.. RIP. Noway to report a bug ingame either. Just wasted time and no rewards. It's been like this for over a year, how is this acceptable?? For me as the player but for you too as developer. Bad bug report ik, kinda fitting isn't it? Half assed Vs half assed. 

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