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Radial Howl


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After the latest update/hotfixes I have noticed that Excalibur’s Radial Howl is not functioning properly, it does not seem to matter whether this ability is on Excalibur himself or if this is on another Warframe using the Helminth, the Radial Howl ability is broken. The specific issue appears to be that the instant finisher ability is not working, I can only perform mercy kills with parazon or a stealth attack finish when standing behind enemies (but, I can perform stealth kills or Mercy kills with or without using Radial Howl, so feel it is unrelated to this specific issue. In addition I have tested Radial Howl using different enemies in the simulacrum and could not get an instant finisher to activate). If one of the developers could confirm that this is being looked at and resolved that would be appreciated or alternatively if Excalibur’s Radial Howl ability has been altered to stop the instant finisher then please let me know?

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