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Plague Star Complaint!!!


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It's been a while since Plague Star has returned (around 20 months ago), and in that time I had forgotten how long it is. Each run takes at least 15-20 minutes depending on how fast you kill all 4 Hemocytes. Thankfully having Mechs now speed up that process a little, BUT...


That is entirely to long for the amount of Operation Standing you get for completing the mission (3,050). I think that DE either needs to increase the standing you get (maybe at least 5,000 per run) or cut down on the time it takes to complete. The Drone Faze alone takes around 5 minutes (and that is IF the Drone doesn't get stuck on something), that could be fixed by either seeding up the drone (like they did with Otak in the Isolation Vaults) or just remove the step all together and just let the player take the Toxin to the Boil for the Final Faze.


Those are my thoughts... What you you guys think?

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1 hour ago, Rawbeard said:

is this even different on consoles? on PC it's like maybe 10 minutes, tops, if you get unlucky with the bastard not opening weakpoints.

I think it just depends on team composition and weapon loadouts. The other night running them, I was favoring my Nekros Prime out there. It probably also depends on how many are actually focusing on the hemocytes and not the infested.

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