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Nidus Augment Concepts


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With Nidus Prime's release, I've been looking over his augments and feeling a little disappointed - most of them just reward Nidus more for doing the same things he always does. In my mind, a good augment opens new avenues for gameplay, or changes your general gameplan or even your role in a squad. So, here's some ideas I had for augments that would drastically change Nidus' gameplay:

General Augment: Organic Metabolism


When Nidus would cast an ability for which he does not have sufficient energy, Mutation Stacks are consumed to match the deficit. Conversion rate: 25 energy per stack. [Not effected by efficiency]

Goal: Enable low-efficiency builds, or builds using expensive helminth abilities, to be more liberal with ability usage. It's always inconvenient to be just short on energy, especially when Virulence is rarely useful without a prior cast of Larva. This augment should enable Nidus to be a bit more liberal in his ability use, and possibly open unique strategies for specific abilities, like how Thermal Sunder is surprisingly useful on Harrow.

Virulence Augment: Virulent Burst


Virulence now effects a 45-degree cone in front of Nidus with 25% range. [Cone angle effected by range, similar to Oberon's Hallowed Ground]

Goal: Modify Virulence to be usable without Larva in more situations; with good range, Virulence alone should be able to hit a crowd of enemies, even if they aren't lined up neatly. This can help save on energy, speed up gameplay, and allow Nidus to even forego Larva for other Helminth options, if he should desire.

Parasitic Link Augment: Symbiotic Link


Linked ally gains 50% damage resistance and redirects remaining damage to Nidus. Kills by linked ally have a 20% chance to generate Mutation Stacks. +100% ally link range.

Goal: Add a potential support role for Nidus, where he can focus on granting godlike power to an ally or put his tankiness to use for more than just himself. This intended for use with Strength builds, so Nidus only takes 10% of the incoming damage to the ally, who resists the other 90%. As long as the ally is using their buffed damage/strength well, even if the damage transfer would kill Nidus he should be able to survive it via Undying.

Ravenous Augment: Bottomless Hunger


Hold Ravenous to channel, consuming 3 additional Mutation stacks per second. Nidus is invulnerable while channeling. When released, the resulting Ravenous covers 10% more area and can spawn an additional maggot per second channeled. Max 15 seconds of channeling.

Goal: Turn Ravenous into a better sustained lockdown ability, in a similar vein to Vauban's vortex while also granting the healing effect to allies more easily (and enabling better use of his other Ravenous augment), while also giving the player the ability to tank predictable high-damage effects such as Eidolon energy spikes. Combined with Symbiotic Link, this can allow Nidus and a friend to both become functionally invulnerable, assuming Nidus has the stacks to sustain it. And aesthetics-wise, what Nidus player hasn't dreamt of covering the world with infested creep?

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