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Plague Star not giving standing reputation or incorrect amounts


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I did not receive the correct amount of standing after a 27 minute mission of 2 plague star bounties. (1 of the missions called from konzu tent.)

I was playing as client (not host) and we all extracted at the end successfully, but the others also received incorrect standing.

Our squad used 4 eidolon phylaxes and 4 infested catalysts each time. I put in my own share. We killed the hemocyte bosses successfully.

This has happened multiple times in the past couple days to myself and to others (for example, other squad members noticed this too). I do not know what bug causes it.

Possible cause (guessing; DE would have to test more.): delaying putting in the 4 items (say, by a minute) will show them as accepted in the UI, but not in the standing calculations.

The picture below shows the issue. I even left to orbiter to try and see if it was a fluke, but it really only gave me less rep than the green text, and the green text itself wasn't even +6000 as it should be.

Time of bug: 4:19 PM EST (right before this post)

The time of day in Cetus was night (there were eidolons)


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This has also happened to me. 

I was not the host for these runs and I was playing as Loki.

My squad and I did 3 runs of the plaguestar mission, each time inputting 4 phylaxis and 4 catalysts. On the first run I got to put 1 phylaxis and 1 catalyst each in the mixer and at the end of that run I had 4100 operational standing, which was more than I was supposed to receive.

At the end of the 2nd run I only had accumulated 5100 standing which means I received less standing than I was supposed to receive for the 2nd run.

In the third run, I did not get to put in a phylaxis or catalyst as a team member but we were still at 4 phylaxis and 4 catalyst used in this run. At the end of this run, I had accumulated 6200 standing at which point we extracted, meaning I received less standing than I was supposed to receive in the 3rd run as well. 

Below is a picture of the mission complete screen, with time played and standing earned.

Interestingly enough, I have no clue why I gained Standing with Suda and Hexis and why I lost standing with red veil because my Loki was equipped with a Red Veil Sigil. I also double-checked this to make sure that the Red Veil Sigil was equipped.

Time of bug: 6:30 PM  - 7:05 PM EST

The time in the Plains was Night Time and there was a Teralyst around.


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Update: the bug is caused by connection lag on DE's servers, whether host or not. Each bounty stage reward can be delayed differently for each person, and if it's delayed for too many seconds and the next stage of the bounty starts, a player simply does NOT receive the chunk of reputation reward for the bounty stage.

This can result in not being able to buy a single forma after two straight full runs, or not even enough rep to buy 5 forma after 10 straight runs.

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