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insatiable augment has disappeared for config d and e on my nidus prime


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i was in the simulacrum in solo mode when i noticed that insatiable was not available on my config D and E slots but it is avilable on configs A,B,C and F but this could have have started before then. also if i swap a config from D or E slots to A,B,C or F slots i can equip insatiable but the moment i swap it back it was replaced by the insulation mod and when i dissolved all copies of insulation it equiped my normal intensify despite having the umbral version equipped on it and prioritzed the normal intensify strength increase over the umbral one. i tried buying a new insatiable but that was also having the same issue.

there is a strange coincidence in that when i first put my builds on nidus prime i did it by mod linking the builds of my original nidus into clan chat and then applying them to my nidus prime and the builds in configs A,B,C,and F all had insatiable in them while the builds i applied to configs D and E didn't use insatiable.

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