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New Warframe Plating system for specific general use mods.


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i've been thinking about the parazon system, and what if each warframe had 8-9 additional mod slots, called the Plating section.

In this specific section, kind of like exilus mods, you could equip up to 3 mods. mods placed here have 0 polarity cost, and are on a separate page from the mod config loadout.

-it would be a page with 3 slots, that you can pick and choose to equip mods. the mods here have a cost of 1 or 2. so you can have 2 mods, or 3 mods in this page.

The Plating System would be seen in the warframe mod config section when messing with a Build for warframes

A small swap icon, or button press cycles to the Plating page of loadouts, here there will be 4 to 5 mod slots for augments only, and 4 slots on the bottom for defensive mods

Plating would open up modding for warframes, by allowing the use of more mods to be applied, 

-List of Warframe Plating Mods- (there is 3 slots, and a pool allotted of 3 points)

insulation (60% cold resistance) cost 1

antitoxin (45% toxin resistance) cost 1

flame repellent (60% heat resistance)  cost 1

lightning rod (60% electricity resistance) cost 1

shock absorbers (20% physical resistance) cost 1

diamond skin (45% radiation resistance) cost 1

warm coat (12% shield resistance to ice levels) cost 1

reflex guard (100% combo count chance when blocking) cost 2

fast deflection (90% shield recharge) cost 1

fortitude (20% to resist knockdown 80% shield recharge) cost 2

master thief (40% chance to unlock locked lockers) cost 2

retribution (60% chance to deal electrical damage when struck by melee enemies, 80% electricity) cost 2

sure footed (60% chance to resist knockdown) cost 2

primed sure footed (100% chance to resist knockdown) cost 2

(Also, maybe any warframe augments can be placed here as well, 4/5 empty slots under the top 3, 1 for each ability, completely optional)

(the top 3 slots, are only for the listed above, the 4/5 slots under that, are for augment placement only) augments have 0 cost.


3 New Umbra Mods -the umbra stacking is only requires 1 2 3, regardless if you have others. vitality intensify fiber

Umbra Redirection 440 550 770

Umbra Streamline 30 40 50

Umbra Stretch 45 55 65

-Mod Buffs-

Hammer shot, 60% CD 80% SC changed to 90% CD 120% SC

Piercing hit 30% puncture changed to 60% puncture 45% status chance Naramon 9

Rupture 30% impact changed to 60% impact 45% status chance Naramon 9

Sawtooth clip 30% slash changed to 60% slash 45% status chance Naramon 9

3 new inverse mods though like those 3


Piercing rounds 60% puncture 30% status duration Vazarin 9

Rupturing rounds 60% impact 30% status duration Vazarin 9

Sawtooth rounds 60% slash 30% status duration Vazarin 9


-Warframe Plating would be unlocked with steel path, steel essence. 15 for 1 warframe plating unlock.

-This section has 3 empty slots on the top, and 4/5 on the bottom for warframe augments. 1 for each power, 5th if they have a passive augment


The icon for Plating is to the left of the Aura, A shiny Lotus symbol, you click the symbol to open the menu.

Maybe this could be a reward from the new war as well, further advancing the possibilities for any warframe.

The main idea, is that its an open area for a bunch of non exilus/non power focused mods. not directly tied to warframe stats. 

(Health, Armor, Power Strength, Efficiency, Duration, Range, Sprint, Energy pool) Shield recharge yes, but shield capacity no.

^Exlcudes mostly these types of mods. or peculiars/exilus

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What if Warframe Plating was a new section for modding a warframe.

it has 5 slots for augments up top (This is 1 augment slot for each warframe power, and 1 for their passive if they have 1 augment)

and under that is 3 slots for the plating mods. 


Augments have no cost, and are optional.

Plating mods, are the ones above listed. 

it would be integrated into a 2nd window inside the upgrade screen. 

Maybe Plating could be unlocked with steel essence? like 25 or 15 for a Warframe Plating Adapter.

A Steel Path reward, to further advance a warframe, adding room for augments and general use mods.

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Other Possible Plating mods, wonder if plating mods would be in the plating section, over the warframe section.

Undying Will (42% Bleedout Reduction) Cost 1

Provoked (+110% damage during bleedout) Cost 1

Rapid Resilience (-75% Status Duration on self) Cost 2

Rolling Guard (on dodge: become invulnerable for 3s and remove all status effects) Cost 2

Adaptation (When damaged +10% resistance to that damage type for 20s, stacks up to 90%) Cost 2


What if Fetch and Vacuum could be added here?


--There are also some other ideas for new mods, just for plating.

Reckless Undying (+1 Additional revive, +100% energy on revive) Cost 1

-This adds 1 to your pool of revives per mission, and if you die and revive you revive with 100% of your energy pool

Stable Footing (While standing your ground you gain +30% accuracy and -30% recoil with primary and secondary weapons) Cost 1

-This provides you with accuracy and reduced recoil on your guns, if you are standing still

Relentless Assassination (+50% Finisher speed for 12s after using a finisher kill) Cost 1

-A simple buff to finisher animation speed after a finisher is used, speeds up mercy's too

Alliance Assured (+45% Revive Speed to downed allies) Cost 1

-increases your revive speed on a downed ally


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Warframe Plating would be a simple swap screen page in the mod section for warframes.

Different "A B C" builds as well, there would be a little symbol that swaps to the plating section

The top row is for Augments only, 4 slots usually, 1 for each power, and some warframes get a 5th slot, if they have Passive augments, Nezha, Frost, Zephyr

The bottom row, 4 slots, are for the listed Defensive mods only. like resistances and such



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