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Darvo's swap shop


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I recognise that DE has thought a little about the grind for new weapons and parts and has made many of the new stuff tradable in an attempt to reduce grind times somewhat. However, trading is still a bad place, full of riven merchants spamming away and any part that's worth few plat is ignored by most as not worth their time or ignored as requests in trade chat disappear under a torrent of "WTB trash riven 1p WTS riven 1000p". Not only that it allows to bypass gameplay and just buy what you want which I think is not the intention behind treading non-prime parts, All understandable, but I think there is a way to improve this to fix the major problem that is the RNG.

That's being able to swap compatible parts with an NPC, and Darvo was made for this.

At the moment, you can run several missions and if the RNG smiles at you, get a component drop. You just need to repeat the mission many, many times to get the RNG to drop the other parts too. But often the RNG will drop you the part you already have (think of Lich weapons, you can run a larvling, and they have the same thing you already have, so repeat, and repeat, and repeat)

If Darvo would swap component parts then the RNG drop can be mitigated. You still have to play the mission, still have to suffer the RNG deciding to drop anything, but at least you will no longer be stuck holding 4 carmine penta blueprints and not have any barrel, receiver or stock! The same applies to all component parts that drop with an equal drop chance from equal level missions (so no swapping a Harrow Chassis for a Harrow Systems, or any prime parts)

I think this would be a good QoL update that would allow for significantly less grind without impacting the game or missions or drop tables.

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