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Rhino's Iron Skin triggers alarms in corpus spy missions before the door to the vault is hacked


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I did a lot of tests and this bug happens only on Corpus Ice Planet tileset (Nereid, Neptune is the only one) and only with one specific room in the Corpus Ship tileset (I did it on Oceanum, Pluto and Shklovsky, Phobos). To do replicate this bug you have to get to a vault and stand in front of the locked door (don't hack it) and use Rhino's Iron Skin ability. When I discovered this bug I had a Rhino prime with everything equipped but for testing I used Rhino Prime with no mods or arcanes, no primary/secondary, no companion and only a Gram Prime for melee.  I also have clips of the bug linked below. One thing I noticed while watching the clips is that when I opened the door to the vault is that the markers for the vision of security cameras is red as if it sees me even though I'm not in their field of vision so that may be related to triggering this bug.

Nereid, Neptune:




Oceanum, Pluto:


I didn't test Railjack spy missions and also didn't test if this happens with the regular Rhino.

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