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Inaros rework


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hi! i saw a lot of suggestion  on how to rework Inaros and i think the main problem is that they mostly try to keep him as he is with some tweaks. i think that he need to be rebuilt from the ground up entirely, while keeping the original concept of him in mind (just like Wukong rework).

the way i see him, in his core characteristics is : sand, Egypt, tank, fearsome protector and a mummy.
so this is my idea for rework:

passive - every time Inaros health drop below 80/60/40/20 % he became invulnerable for 2 seconds and create a sandstorm around him that slows and drain the health from his enemies while also healing Inaros for each enemy caught in the storm. the less health inaros have the more damage and healing the storm gives.

first ability: "cursed sand"

Inaros throw a cursed sand on an enemy, reducing armor and damage by %

- this ability will synchronise with his passive - there will be a sandstorm both around Inaros and around the last enemy he targeted.

second ability: "Pharaoh's call"
Inaros summon a sand shadow of the last 5 enemies he used his first ability on, to protect him and his allies.

- the player will mostly use his first ability on stronger enemies to make them easier to kill. so by synchronizing this 2 abilities we know that the shadows that will be summoned will be stronger type of enemies.

third ability: "scales of justice"
inaros call down an obelisk with the power of the scales of justice. the obelisk healing allies while do damage and slow enemies in range

forth ability: "ascension"
Inaros ascend to his true form - summoning an exalted necromech that have a separated health pool. the necromech have the symbols of the pharaoh: the flail and the staff. he can use his flail for melee attacks when pressing E or going to melee mode. while he also can use his staff for ranged attack (similar to the Scourge without the throwing option). when zooming while equipped with his staff he also rise his shield which work like volt electric shield but also greatly increasing the energy drain (so you wont use it all the time)


what do you guys think?

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I like this overall.

1 is still the same as the old one but with a better effect. 
Not sure about 2, but much better than his current one for sure. 
3 gives the healing that was removed from 1 and depending on values provides better CC than his current 3.
And really anything is an improvement to his current 4. Especially an exalted Mech. Anyone that would want Mechs in every mission would flock to that.

inb4 "inaros is great he doesnt need rework op is doodoo"

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