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Defense objectives need invulnerability window after a host migration


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I was playing the sortie today during a mobile defense, the objective was at full health, we had a Gara shield on it data platform and a player using Gloom to slow enemies approaching, it was smooth as silk. Then we lost a host and migrated.

By the time the we remaining Tenno loaded into the game, the Grineer that were held as bay were all up on the defense target, it was at half health and dropping fast as all abilities were off for migration.

I understand hot migrations are unavoidable due to the intrinsic nature of the game's design but can we get an invulnerability window added to defense objective when a migration occurs to get everything sorted? 

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21 hours ago, ChuckTrek said:

hot migrations are unavoidable

hmm.. I wouldn't say that they're "unavoidable". I'd guess that the developers just consider it to be too expensive for a Free game. Pretty sure that they could avoid host migrations entirely by simply spinning up a virtual host in the cloud for every squad.

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