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Unable to Continue Sands of Inaros Questline - Taking 3rd Vessel


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I have fulfilled the second vessel's challenge.
I am on step "Return the burial vessel to the tomb."

When I load into the Desert Tomb I am led to the tomb.

Upon reaching the tomb I can use Vessel 2 to open the door.

I am then prompted to pickup Vessel 3.

Visually I can pick the vessel up and it is removed from the podium.

However, the quest step does not continue. I am still stuck with the game saying "pick up the vessel".

- No dialogue plays
- The fires around the area activate
- I have abandoned the mission and reloaded into the map once already with no changes


Please help me, DE <3

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I have the same problem, but with the second vessel. :(



Update: I made it work. Here are the steps I took (not sure what exactly solved the bug):


- Exited the game and optimized cache

- Loaded back in, changed Warframe from Rhino Prime to Sevagoth and Sentinel from Dethcube Prime to Helios;

- Unequiped and re-equiped the vessel;

- Went into a mission where the mob I had to kill spawned and killed some more;

- After finishing that mission went back to Mars and Baro started talking (finally!);

- Then completed the mission as normal.


- I did everything on "Public"


Hope this helps someone

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