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Hemocyte Cystolith - Not counting When Donating to Trophy, and disappearing if the Trophy is deleted.


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My clan (a ghost clan) has decided to start constructing a second set of the Plague Star trophies, and we've had a couple of strange issues with the Hemocyte Cystolith donations.

Firstly, we had a gold trophy partially built, with 53 cystoliths already donated. Three other players then went to donate to max this out at the 100 cystolith donations, one had 40, another had 48, and the third had 32. All clicked to donate at roughly the same time, and, we were all on comms at the time. However, even though the decoration only required 47 to max out, when we went to add the others to a silver trophy, only 1 cystolith, in total, was remaining for these players, which means that the gold trophy has in fact taken 172 cystoliths.

At this point we were in a friends only squad, and the error occurred at around 2200 BST on 11/09/2021. The squad members were Lord_Spatula, CARRIV, Tymyr1, MWJ258

Secondly, I went to move the trophy today, and accidentally deleted it. I wasn't worried, as the resources have always gone to the clan vault previously, so I simply recreated it, however, there were only 72 cystoliths in the vault, so I couldn't recreate the decoration - somehow 28 had disappeared during the deletion / recreation. So, not only did the gold trophy take many more cystoliths than the stated 100 required to build it, with several being lost during creation, we were refunded less than the maximum when it got deleted - interestingly the 72 refunded matches the number of cystoliths taking in excess of the required number when creating the trophy (172).

At this point the game mode was friends only squad, however, I was the only player in the squad and the error happened at around 2045 BST on 12/09/2021. The squad member was just myself, Lord_Spatula.


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