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Warframe Chat Wheel? Do You Think We Need It or Nah?


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I have no idea on other server but here in Asia, classic asterick/star chat or ****** is still around. For anyone don't know **** meaning the person talk in non alphabetic. Maybe he doesn't know English very well or something. Then i'm sure chat wheel will always contain simple English that everybody can understand.

PvP Game like Dota has feature like this to resolve this issue. Simple English in shape of Chat Wheel. Chat Wheel is instant press button for compilation of important chat. For example, in Dota, if the team decide to attack enemy base with full force, there is chat wheel contains words: "Push Now".

In Warframe should be like this.
Press "O" to open chat wheel, then many option will appear. For example.
Chat A: I will stay for 30 minutes/6 waves.
Chat B: Let's fight in life support module area.
Chat C: Artilery Shot (For Railjack Mission)

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Could be useful, like the emote wheel, but with prompts that shows at the side of the screen for all players.

You have a limit of one promt every x secons, and on repeated promts added delay to prevent spam and there it is.

Its a nice way to reduce chat usage time, remove language issues and improve player interactivity (something that the game SERIOUSLY lacks).

Im 100% on board for this. Press something to show the chat wheel, select the option like gear or emote wheel and it casts to your whole team. Simple, clean and quick, with a lot of space to actually use and add as many options as the player see fits.

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