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Heavy Attack & Slide Attack Abilities


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My question is this. Why do we have slide attacks and heavy attacks for our melee but not YET for our ABILITIES!😍 Ground slam with some nidus spores. i say YES MOMMY to THAT!!

Would love to be able to kick with my infested path of spores for example, or groundslamming fromout the air like a Hulk would slam a car with some spores emerging from the ground like Hydroid spawns a single tentacle that way.

Imagine being able to kick your infested ball towards the crowd of enemies

Man what a monstrosity that would be 😂

See it as the 4 of Baruuk. He can move a bit more freely too with tbat ability and I really love the way he is being played. Search for more freedom in the movement. Capabilities are endless as long as we make em endless that way🥰 I believe we can! 


Imagine ember being able to her fire rain forward towards the enemies instead of only fromout the air. That creates the possibility to become more strategic of the way you can play

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I think they want the abilities to have the function of slides and slams. So like: you could jump from the air cast Nidus' virulence and it would slam you down with an aoe then cast virulence. Not sure if this is english second language or just someone who did a few lines before posting.

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