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Bug: Titania Razorwing; 2+s delay casting Airburst


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Added (Zephyr's)Airburst to Titania.

During Razorwing, Airburst casts w/abnormal delay.

~2-3 second wait between keystroke and successfully casting Airburst.
The cast is perfectly fine when Razorwing is off, but becomes funky (only) during Razorwing.

Hopefully an easy fix. <3

My thanks to the staff and site mods for all the work they do.

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I try it before , and have the same result , seems to be cause by casting animation .

Also I think this would be better in bug report forum.

1 hour ago, Leqesai said:

My only question... what kind of shenanigan's are you up to with Airburst and Razorwing... Someone Reaction GIF

Nothing , Of course .Just for fun !

(nervously hide airburst rounds)

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