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Warframe Exilus Forma and some other forma


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Many wf has mutiple use,sometimes these requires very different mod builds,which nearly has no same polarities,but this can be solved by paying more forma or umbra forma  at most of time.

In some situations,such as you need maximum strength,strengh mods have high cost,in most of cases,you need polarize 3 or more r pol,and umbra mod you need them all,sometimes you need them all maxed because your wf need all the stats,even you use 3 umbra forma,when comes to exilus mod,it's nearly impossible to have mutiple choice,you have to polarize to zerinuk if you want maximum strength.That may cause you need 2 or even more same wfs to fulfill all the usages.

When we have a exilus forma,this problem will be solved.The pol on exilus won't influence another build.In fact at first I was considering a forma that can give a universal pol on wf or weapon.Of course one wf or weapon can only have one universal pol and this kind of forma should have difficulty to obtain,same as the umbra forma in early times.But this forma may have a great impact on polarization.Perhaps exilus forma has less risk.

Besides,I also have a thinking about "hyper-polarize",which lead to a new kind of forma.You may already know what it can do,obviously,it can further lower the cost.A few mechanics I have designed to it,first,hyper-polarize is a higer stage of polarize and you need polarize a pol first.Second,there's a lower limit of numbers of pol before you can use hyper-polarize.Because this polarize is designed to solve some rare problems,which become less rare since the galvanized mod released.These problem won't appear at early time of game,but when we have more and more primed mods,or other high cost mods,this will finally becomes a serious problem.

This can be seen more in pistols and shotguns.Pistols have dual primed crit mods which have high cost.And the lethal torrent is also a necessary mod,also with a relatively high cost.Sometimes when you add all the three primed mods,and riven mod,exilus mod,even you polarized all the slots,still can't get all the mods on.

And for shotguns,with a very high cost and quite useful exilus mod-Galvanized Acceleration,it can highly increase range,which shotguns need most.And now shotguns have two primed element mods,even you don't put them together,once a build includes riven,the same situation may still happen,and you have to  give up something,most of time is the exilus mod.

All in all,the exilus forma is what i want most.But if other 2 designs also been adopted,I would appreciate it, too.Wf has gone through 8 years,time to have more aggresive changes on our old member.

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applying any polarity on forma'd slot should have been the normal form the start. it's such BS when one config gets effected by other cuz of polarity. universal slot forma could become a thing in future as that seems like the only kind of forma left to come to existence with all these other forma we got

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