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Plague star is one of the most rewarding and not restricting event.


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I've played few event but they weren't like PS. Orphix restricting you from using your frame most of the time. Naberus on other hand requiring you just mother tokens (as fair I remember) so you could do mission that doesn't reward you some loot.

Plague star on other hand gives me a lot stuffs:

- Sentient cores (I can get ~10 per Hemocyte).

- Cetus wisp - you can find it by traveling or as reward (not much but it's still something)

- weapons (Saw, infested zaws)

- mods sets

- revenant (I don't remember if it were only one part)

- forma and other stuffs


I no need for forma, zaws and revenant but mod sets, wisp, cores and Ghoul saw is nice rewards. Someone may have those stuffs already but from my perspective it very rewarding.

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10 hours ago, Lutesque said:

Don't forget about Exodia Contagion !!! :O

And Epidemic. While not as great (in usage and damage) it's still interesting for certain styles (slam/roll style or certain stances e.g. Cleaving whirlwind with slam attack of forward+block). It's better than this one slamming set from Deimos.

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I can agree that it's nice how unrestrictive it is. I've no problem with the others, it's just that Plague Star's a good chance to take weapons out for a spin at their core power and see how they feel (did that with the Ghoul Saw, and it felt fitting to use it to rip up the Infested after 4 Phylaxis). Apparently we also get supply rep even if we fail, which is nice. Looking forward to getting a hold of the arcanes; they look interesting

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