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Short and to the Point Yareli Changes Suggestion


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So Yareli is underwhelming but fun. Everyone is aware of this. Here are my 2 cents on simple ideas to fix her while preserving 100% of the initial playstyle.

Passive-Should be active for 2 seconds after moving and 5 seconds if on Merulina.
1-Hitting enemies with weapons deals extra % cold damage(can combine with weapon mod elements)
3-Gives damage reduction(50%-static). Can be recast to ~~yeet~~ throw the blade circle forward, disappearing after traveling a set distance.
4- Enemies already affected by 1 are stripped away a % of their armor/shields when sucked in. Increase knockdown duration.
2- While riding Merulina gain damage reduction(35%-static, stacks for total of 85% while 3 is active), 3 damage area is also within the circle(not just the edge). When dismounting Merulina knocks enemies away from Yareli.

Tl;Dr: Give her some synergy and make Merulina more worth it(instead of mandatory and annoying).
EDIT: forgot this for 3: make it scale with SOME melee mods or make it proc slash like there's no tommorow.

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after finally getting around to levelling Yareli I can finally say.. she isn't complete trash.,.. but she's still kinda bad.

her 3 is by far her best and most enjoyable power IMO .chopping up regular enemies with the aquablades was a lot of fun, but it could probably use a damage buff for things like Sortie and Arbitration enemies.

her 2 was a terrible idea, if you value your sanity don't use Merulina on Europa or Eris tiles, and if you do, go easy on the throttle, or you will literally spend 10 minutes in every room trying to figure out which wall you keep crashing into. aside from the DR, there is really no reason to use it, as you're denied parkour abilities, and are restricted to your secondary. thankfully most - but not all - interactions can still be done on Merulina. 

overall, I don't really care that much about her, and would much rather see a Hydroid rework.

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