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Please reduce sound pollution and increase weapon punch.


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Hey all, so Ive mostly been taking some time off till new war is released just logging in here and there for a few missions a week and playing Borderlands 3 in the meantime for the first time. The difference in sound quality is really noticable honestly. Everything in BL3 seems to have a lot more impact, like the gun noises are bassy, the beam guns have a whirr to them that sounds mechanical while also electrical, even the infested looking alien guns have unique noises like squooshes and skittering. Coming back to warframe while the guns sound differentish from eachother they feel like they lack enough bass and reverb to be that explosive power for grineer, that techy sort of woosh and hum for corpus weapons etc. Prime weapons in particular i find sound really tinny and higher pitch than they should be making them sound weaker than expected. Please consider exploring ways to give the weapons more impact and punch noise or at least more bass. 

With that out of the way i think one of the main reasons I get less satisfied with warframes noise is theres just too much happening. You get ambiant noise that draws attention to itself rather than being ambiant, you get music on top, infested screams from the distance or incoherant enemy calls over the sound of their loud weapons and the rest. Reducing a lot of that would actually be a cool option for the menu since it'd let your weapon and combat noises shine a little more and make important noises if any were added (like nullifiers making a noise when theyre behind you would be nice) would be more audible. Audio queues are important in a lot of my ability to play games and its hard to tell with the lotus telling me to open more life support for the 11ty millionth time

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