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(Video) - PLAGUE STAR - Drone Didn't Spawn in Position in Phase 3


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In PLAGUE STAR bounty, near MOUNT NANG in PLAINS OF EIDOLONthe drone didn't spawn in position when Phase 3 began, the progress of mission became unable to continue. It was the 2nd round I started in a single time roaming solo in PLAINS OF EIDOLON.

Please fix.

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12 hours ago, Hobie-wan said:

The map marker is still pointing you to the mixer which you just finished. So it's likely that the problem is actually that the map wasn't updating to show you the correct place to go. The drone might have been in one of its spawn locations just fine.

Thanks for reminding. I checked the recording but realized it was not the mixer location of phase 2 in that run. If not wrong, I remember in phase 2 there would be a larger circle pointed rather than this little one (-please correct me if I mistake). However the issue you mentioned should be a serious one as well, I suppose.

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