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(Video) - DOJO - 2 Kinds of Light Option Display Error


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Recently, there are 2 main kinds of DOJO light display error discovered. More details in the video.

1. After passing through rooms with different light option, the current room's light colors sometimes remain when going back to the previous room, overwrote the previous light option. Only accessing the Polychrome terminal can turn the light colors back to normal. The 1st part of the video (00:00-00:24) shows the example of the error happened when passing through a Cross Connector and a Grand Clan Hall.

2. After leaving from a room which its pending colors are previewing and passing through multiple rooms, back to the room connects when the countdown is over, the Key of light color option of the room connects will be overwritten. The 2nd part of the video (00:24-00:58) shows the example of the error happened to a Cross Connector after previewing the color option of a Elevator connects it and passing through another Cross Connector.

Please fix, if it's possible.

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