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Now "Edible" - Omega Isotope and Orokin Cipher


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Me: Hey dude check out this key created by a race that was so technologically advanced that they were practical immortal and could do magic and S#&$.

Dude: cool , what does it open ? 

Me: access to a powerful being once in a lifetime.

Dude : cool , so like there's only one and it loses it magic once it used ?

Me : no , I have like a hundred of those and it is also a good fertilizer.

Dude: what ? How ?

Me : space magic man mushrooms.

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8 hours ago, V2lkyr said:

hey could've gave the orokin ciphers a real use too but this works.

I feel like they should have been Cipher Primes, with the ability to either unlock all consoles in a set area, or they should lock out enemeis from being able to raise alarms, lockdowns as well as disabling automated defenses. a total shutdown of the enemy grid. at least now my Helminth can eat Data as much as my phone does lol.

I'm not sure I'm keen on the idea of feeding him those volatile Omega Isotopes though, the last thing I want is to turn him into a bomb.. you'd think eating nuclear material would give him an upset stomach..


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And i agree.

Something are generally better than nothing.

It's an effort to organize the confusing and countless items in warframe. This may be small, but the more stuff gets organized, the tidier your house will eventually be.

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