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My neck hurts


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7 hours ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

I'm surprised your eyes don't also hurt from that blinding white orbiter, though it does look good. I have that same gold effect in my orbiter on my machines but the other colours are neutrals: easier on the eyes lol.

and yeah, your poor revenant needs a neck brace.

I disabled the brightness, which is down there near the colour correction, it relieves a lot of the excess brightness, I think by default it comes active, and I would recommend to the game that it was disabled, because it also caused me pain in the eyes.

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On 2021-09-14 at 4:42 PM, Hayrack said:

I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to be looking at, so I'll commend your Orbiter looks. "Paint my Orbiter in prime colors" crew checking in.


Thank you, I liked VERY much, the silver details on your back

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