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Tips for hunting liches



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SP is not a good metric, my "best"(?) melee can't do that either.
Sorties or SImulacrum is your best test bet if you're concerned about damage output, Rank 5 is in the 100s, which is still much less tanky than SP.

As for actual hunting, here's my tips:
1) make sure you have one weapon built specifically for the Lich's weakness and one as a "general anti-Grineer" weapon
2) avoid melee vs the Lich, it will just grapple and oneshot you
3) save Exterminate nodes for fighting the Lich, and do some of your least favourite nodes while the rage meter is low
4) if you want, you can ignore the Lich for a bit when they drop in and get bonus Murmurs off the Thralls they'll make while "fighting" you. otherwise, nuke and stab
5) when the Lich takes over a Corpus rescue the Wardens remain Corpus and will trigger as soon as any Grineer pops in, same with cameras

Last note, if you clear your Lich off a planet, it ranks up. So if you have one node left, go ahead and stab to test your sequence, it will only level up once.

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Do you want to hunt down Kuva liches or doing Steel path?

If you want to make Liches very easy then:

1.) Take Loki with max duration, silenced weapons and good melee. Keep yourself invisible all time, nobody will harm you (even Liches). I personally use only 2 weapons for this setup: Kuva Nukor + Stropha. Stropha is gunblade and you can easily clear the whole corridors/rooms from distance and need no ammo. The only downside is you should not play Defense/Mobile defense missions as invisible frame..

2.) You can choose Kuva weapon. Run Saturn-capture mission over-and-over till you get spawling with desired weapon. 
3.) You will need parazon mods. I strongly suggest to buy the whole set on trade chat with platinum (guess 80p)


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hace 6 horas, sauceyboii11 dijo:

Help me I can't even one shot a grindeer in the first SP node.

Will link you a few end game weapons and wf builds for this:


Subsume gloom over her 4, spam sonar. That will let you nuke any enemy as sonar adds a dmg boost that stacks


Subsume roar over his 1, use this build if u want smth easier to use

A few good weapons+their builds



(the cedo is easy to get and one of the best weapons) 




(t detron is extremely good for liches) 




The glaive p will let u one shot most of the sp, and helps with liches (its my personal fav) 







Swap the faction mods for each mission or keep the grineer one on if ur too lazy to change them, it still works fine. If you want any specific build just ask for it. 

Good hunt tenno

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On 2021-09-14 at 8:28 AM, sauceyboii11 said:

I just want a weapon from liches to one shot enemies in SP sorry if I wasn't clear.

...Kinda feels like you're trolling us ...if you've been playing the game long enough to have unlocked SP then you should know by now a single new weapon, Kuva/Tenet or not isn't going to miraculously solve your problems.

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Tbh, if you can't handle the first earth node Grineer on SP you're probably not geared up well enough to take on Liches.

Main thing is you need something to get by defences, be it armour strip for Grineer or bypassing sheilds for Corpus.

This can either be done with weapons and modding, or with Warframe powers, but whatever way you go you're going to need a pretty solid build.

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Armour strip with frame abilities and then one shot with a corinth, exergis or fulmin.

Hildryn does the job.

If your good on mechanics use Octavia or Beruuk.

Use the current Plague Star missions to get plague Zaw parts and arcades for some damage.

If your REALLY stuck then stick all the umbral mods and the gloom ability on Inaros for the laziest win ever. LOL.

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