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Ropalolyst steel path unarmed bug


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Any time the ropalolyst is slammed into the generators I become unarmed and locked out from using my weapon. This is awful. You know how hard it is to solo this fight? With less deaths and les less time because you have to force yourself to die to it actually is soooo painful. I ran out of time because my allies wouldn't stop reviving poeple. This is toxic for players to get yelled at no to revive because of this stupid bug. 

DE fix the ropalolyst fight, its bad enough people have to listen to the lotus as she covers up a third of the screen and cannot skip the video of the fight starting. At least fix these missission ending bugs so the fight part can be fun.

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HI, I'm also reporting this bug, i play in ps4, set the settings first in Friends only, then 2nd run set it to invite only, 3rd run set it to Public, its the same bug.

After you slammed the Ropalolyst to the ground and then back to your character, you are unarmed only melee weapon is present.

I played the mission in steel path, I also restarted the game and ps4 but still the same issue.

The mission is in Jupiter: The Ropalolyst (steel path)

Thanks in advance if your going to fix this  issue.

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