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Revenant mephisto helmet/horns clipping through his syandana during running and walking animation


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Just got the skin recently and it's amazing but I also noticed that the back of the helmet is clipping through the syandana a lot during the walking and running animation while holding a rifle or a shotgun, as well as some secondary and melee weapons





so I was wondering if there's any plans to fix this in the future like maybe adding physics to that part of the syandana?

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So this is what happened.  Whoever fixed this appeared to have added too much physics to the collar.  I haven't played Revenant in a while and noticed that the collar on the Mephisto skin now flops around while barely moving.  Any forward movement now causes the entire back section to fall back and flatten.  The sides of the back piece also collapses outwards toward the shoulder now.  Instead of having a stiff collar surrounding the head, the entire thing looks like it's made of gelatin.  With all the other clipping issues with this skin, I think I would rather have the sprint clipping than what we got now.  


And while I hope someone at DE would take a look at this again and maybe stiffen the collar some, they appear to mostly fix cosmetic issues within the first few weeks of something releasing.  After that, who knows how long it'll take before any changes are made.  It's actually quite frustrating now that I think about it as I type this.  Titania Deluxe has had a visual bug with her weapons skins for over two years now.  Here's hoping some eyes see this when Revenant Prime releases.

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