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Nidus Prime & Plague Star: Hotfix 30.7.4


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Nidus Prime & Plague Star: Hotfix 30.7.4  





  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to rendering on all platforms.

  • Made several micro-optimizations to DirectX 12 rendering.



  • Fixed an issue that was causing some Epic transactions to not be fulfilled.

    • Those affected will be fixed upon login!

  • Fixed inability to use a Nidus Helminth Invigoration on Nidus Prime. 

    • Unfortunately this will only affect future Invigoration Offerings, if you already have a “bad” Offering for the wrong Nidus this will not correct it.

  • Fixed Conservation animals becoming stuck levitating instead of being taken away if another player joined-in-progress.  

  • Fixed inability to edit Locpin icon. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1280576-cant-edit-locpin-icon/ 

  • Fixed Defection Hack panel remaining lit and objective marker persisting after Client player uses a Cipher.

  • Fixed Boosters not including hours left when above 1 day remaining. 

  • Fixed Transmissions overlapping with the Daily Tribute screen. 

  • Fixed Clan Management menu appearing after inviting new Clan members by alias.

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hace 4 minutos, [DE]Megan dijo:


  • Fixed Boosters not including hours left when above 1 day remaining. 

OMG! Thank You! Now I don't have to set up a timer everytime I get one or write down the hour when I got it anymore x3

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Thanks for the update !

Could we have like an option to activate / disable the Infested effect from link (Nidus' 3rd ability) on Nidus / Nidus Prime ? sadly it completely destroy the beauty of the frame (its worse when you have stacks)

Also could you increase the visibility of the new Sister's ephemera ? even in the brightest colors they are barely visible !

Also Ogris Nightwatch Napalm explosions don't use the energy color of the weapon

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imagine fixing mission timers. 

3 minutes ago, Halo said:

When entering a clan dojo, you do not spawn in the "spawn room" but you spawn in the clan's railjack, not even in the hanger. 

This is kind of a frustrating issue, the trading post doesn't display ppl who are far away from the trading post, for example spawning on railjack, Atleast in mycase, we dont know whether they have loaded in the dojo or just not displaying. You have to escort them to trading room everysingle time if they are spawning there.

4 minutes ago, Ericronias7 said:

great update as always. can you guys make the ghoul saw ride infinite until i let go of the attack key? thank

as a youtuber said, more fun than merulina.


Helminth Invigoration

Speaking of, if you can remove Helminth Infusions, why can't u remove invigorations, if i wanna try a certain build that is different from the invigoration buffs, i can't, because i have to wait one whole week. 

Edited by krrysis.
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well that's nice, thanks..

There is one big issue with excalibur umbra that whenever i use the operator form and travel far away from my umbra and as soon as i press the transfer to thew frame i get teleported back to the frame's position (???) instead the frame to teleport to the operator location it is reversed and this is just for excalibur umbra issue, i don't know why is like that but it makes the gameplay with umbra just not fun to play with this issue. DE please fix this problem because i want to play with my umbra as normal frame.


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Can you please fix being unable to change the colors of Nidus Prime's abilities ?

-Nidus's Larva has those new prime assets that do not copy your warframe colors therefore remain at default colors.

-same goes for the spikes from Nidus's first ability and the color of the maggots on his 4th.

-the Third ability does not change emmisive color, it remains red no matter what energy color you use.

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1. Where is +1000 cetus reputation for "Plague Star" mission like it was old times ago each "Plague Star" event?

2. PS lephantis still have old issue with open head stucking

3. count "20 nighwave defend" mission on it end, like index, not by exit
4. hide-option to chat bloking words option to it "Loop" image sub-menu, because it can be suddenly clicked
5. build position 4 5 6 vanish after polirized
6. profit orb quest pick could stuck forever

7. "Ogris" hit effect and afterburn effect freeze game and mouse movement

8. "Proboscis Cernos" can give engine little-slideshow (not fps) and can lead for crash or host migration not urself but from party or specter

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Hello DE.

i heave one simple request for fashion frame option that i think is need a little detail for more costumization on the frames, so as a RHINO player i was heaving hard time costumizing the colors of the colors for the rhinos IRON SKIN palette and i could't match the colors for the non activated iron skin and it is not affecting the attachments to mach the colors when activated. What i want to ask you is if you can add one more color palette or just for the iron skin color option witch will make it more better for visual standing point. There is one more option also to make the skin sparkles or glow and not affecting the normal colors.

THANKS ahead...  ;)

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