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Ash's Drop Rates


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Hey, everybody!

As it stands currently, the Warframe Ash's blueprints drop from the C-Rotations on certain Railjack Defense or Survival missions. With the drop chance being 10.26% for Defense, and 8.33% for Survival, and assuming the average time to reach Wave 20 on Defense missions is 30 minutes, that means that to have an 80% chance to receive a single part of Ash, you have to spend either 7.5 hours doing said Defense missions, or 6 hours on Survival. In other words, receiving the Warframe Ash is currently the singular longest grind for a single piece of equipment in this game. As I strongly believe this to be an oversight, I'm writing this Feedback to bring it to your attention.

Just to reiterate, to have an 80% chance to get a full set of Ash blueprints, you have to spend roughly thirty hours farming the same three Survival missions, or thirtysix hours farming the same three Defense missions.

Thanks for reading! ^-^


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i regret selling my regular Ash after getting the prime one years ago sooooo badly

anyway, although i dislike how RJ has so much bloatware-like objectives/mini missions that make the mission extra long for no reason, i don't really mind the grind if it's usefull, for example Sevagoth is a great way of reviving RJ imo bec you get relics opened, and (depending on the tile you pick) useful RJ drops along the way...but Ash missions are absolutely USELESS, the survival itself has basic drops we already have hundreds of thousands if not millions of from grinding the regular star chart and except for the Ambassador BP being worth 40plats (30min for a 8.33% chance aint worth it either), nothing else in the drop table is valuable

please, either add some extra drops to that drop table to make it worthwhile or increase Ash's drop chance//move it to rotation A instead of C as it is ridiculous the way it is now, its not even worth grinding for.

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