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Yareli Abilities Don't Count for Nightwave Challenge "Power Trip" while on Merulina


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  • How can this bug be reproduced?
    • Enter a mission as Yareli, cast 2, cast abilities on enemies. Tested with 3 and 4 abilities. Notably 3 ability progresses nightwave challenge while NOT on Merulina, but number 4 still does not.
  • Can you provide your build and game settings?
    • 2021.
  • What kind of squad were you in? Solo, host, client?
    • Bug occurs in solo, host and client play.
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I can confirm that this is an issue (replicated during solo play).  There's more to it, however.  This also doesn't properly interact with the "Surf's Up" Nightwave Challenge.  Kills made with sidearms on Mareluna do count, but not kills made with Aqua Blades.

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