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Ghoulsaw: Butcher’s Revelry Changes.

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Ghoulsaw: Butcher’s Revelry Changes.


The first-of-its-kind Assault Saw is in your hands. Ghoulsaw has been out for a little under a week, and with it, our latest Melee Stance: Butcher’s Revelry. We are buffing some Combos in this Stance. More power is coming for Tenno that are out there combo’ing like the best of them. 

The details:

Rictus’ Wrath Combo
- Added guaranteed Slash status on second hit
- Increased damage multiplier from 2 to 3 of the third attack
- Increased damage multiplier from 3 to 4 of the fourth attack

Rip 'n Ride Combo
- Increased damage multiplier of second hit in the attack from 1 to 2
- Increased damage multiplier of the final hit in the attack from 2 to 3

Reciprocator Combo
- Increased the damage multiplier of the first two hits of the first attack from 0.5 to 1
- Increased the damage multiplier of the fourth hit in the first attack from 1 to 2
- Added a guaranteed Slash proc to the third hit in the second attack
- Increased the damage multiplier of the final hit in the second attack from 3 to 4

This means that as you’re engaging with Combos for all things Ghoulsaw, you’ll be dealing more and more damage. We wanted to increase the lethality of all things Ghoulsaw after reading player feedback, and felt the Combos themselves were the best place to buff a big batch of numbers to encourage use of the full gamut of moves!  This also makes it so well into the future, other weapons in this class that share the Stance would have this baseline power. 

Expect this series of Combo buffs in an Upcoming hotfix! 

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Everything is great, cool and all, but still you can't run and attack effectively at the same time, it's still a very stationary stance with a very short range, it's still way too slow (I understand the "weight" of this weapon, but even the archmelee is waving faster).

The second thing is that miserable ride... you couldn't make it rideable as long as we hold a specific key combination? Alternatively, extend the maximum distance three times.

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while the buffs to the stance are good, i think that it is the Ghoul Saw in itself that needs buff. it was a weapon that the community waited for so long, and yet you made it a mid-tier weapon at best. way to drop the ball :( 

will there be any buff to the weapon GHOUL SAW in particular? real buffs to put it near top tier , or at least high tier. 

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main issue with Saw for me was not the damage output, but the quality of animations. They are to clunky and long. When warframes go melee they are ninjas, the should be fluid even with heavy weapons.


what i want from animations of any melee - to not block my movement. Right now I have to be sitting still, waiting when animation finish and thats bad and outdated technology. You should allow animation "breaking" by movements (roll great solution)

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Looking good!

Standing combos are fine enough in my book, the extra damage works. I think forward/forward + block should give you the option to hold and continue the attack - it feels doesn't feel good having to stop half a second after you press the button, especially for the forward move.

Thanks in advance, here's to Ghoulsaw!

(mashing the button does work to keep the forward charge going, though a hold option would be preferred)

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Clarification on forward combo suggestion
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My issue with the ghoulsaw was more the lack of movement that I was able to use during the animations in order to engage the enemies. Most of the animations feel a bit long, and while it is a big heavy saw, when I'm swinging it around I'd like to at least step forward so that enemy 1m in front of me actually takes damage. All I want is a bit more movement so that I can actually hit the bad guys.

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  1. The speed of this stance feels way off from other stances. Ghoulsaw has an attack speed of 1 but it feels like a 0.8 weapon. This doesn't matter much now but if there are ever going to be more assault saws the base attack speed will have to always be above 1.0. For the sake of consistency it would make sense to speed up the stance and reduce the attack speed of Ghoulsaw (or just increase the stance speed and let this count as another buff to Ghoulsaw).
  2. The stats of Ghoulsaw are just... bad. If you put a "good" stance on Ghoulsaw (like Crushing Ruin or Rending Crane) it is still bad. If you want Ghoulsaw to be a good weapon, make Ghoulsaw a good weapon.
  3. The forward (Ghoul Rush) and neutral combos (Rictus' Wraith) are swapped. Once upon a time you said that the forward combo was for light crowd clearing where the neutral combo is for single target damage. Many stances follow this trend, basically every good stance among them.

The multipliers were also an issue but the three things above are the what have had the greatest impact on Ghoulsaw being "not good".

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