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Praises from a returning player.

(XBOX)Beowulf Tyr

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I notice this Feedback Forum is mostly filled with complaints and wish lists. In contrast I just wanted to offer some praise for the hard work DE is doing on a great game. 

I have recently returned after a year of exploring and grinding other games. I decided to check out Warframe again on a whim, that was almost two months ago. That alone tells me the game is amazing. I wouldn't play if I didn't love it, cause there are lots of other options. I found myself building up my Railjack, picking up a Prime, which is now my favorite (Titania), and enjoyed the Railjack story mission. (More!) I even started decorating my dojo.

I discovered so many new things I hadn't even realized existed before. I discovered Zaws. I've got multiple things researching in all my dojo labs and I picked up a cat. I am very excited about The New War. Having seen Necramechs on the field my next task is to get one myself, and sounds like I'll need one.

I've seen the negative posts, and I get it. Those long nagging bugs are hard to ignore when you play religiously. Yet I also know how unmotivated I am by complaints, and tend to respond better to praise. Also, sounds like DE has all hands on deck for The New War. When it drops, some of those naggy little bugs may evaporate with it.

I know the game is great because when I sit down to play a game I load up Wareframe everytime. On the day I find myself playing a different game, I'll know Warframe has lost me. Until then, keep up the good work DE and don't forget about us on your wild ride.

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Yeah the game is great at the end of the day, and I hope DE sees that and doesn't get drowned in the complaints too much. People get fixated on certain issues sometimes, and I think it's because that, that it begins to make it seem like its a bigger issue than it is to these players causing them to get kind of toxic when it's unnecessary.

Hope DE sees that and are able to look past it when necessary. They seem like they work hard to me as well, and they listen to the community a lot Imo, I love them so much for it💙🖤💙


Game is masterpiece, Thanks DE

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I understand the feeling of “Time to boot up a game and kill some time” and then opening Warframe. I love how it has both a sense of progression but also letting me have a good fight anywhere. If I could squash together the mod system of Warframe and the beautiful open worlds of Guild Wars 2 and WoW, I’d enjoy it so much since it means I could revisit earlier areas and get into proper fights without having to make a new character. (GW2 tried to auto-level the player, but I was still decidedly overpowered when I visited earlier areas).

I would like to see so many bugs fixed, but that’s in DE’s hands now. I’m hoping once The New War drops, some things will get addressed a little more frequently

edit: 🤔 If I could… squash together WoW and GW2 and Warframe… that would be an absolute glorious mess thematically speaking.  Hrm. The open areas of Warframe feel denser for the amount of space taken than the open worlds of GW2 and WoW. I love them, but if they could be brought up to par in density to match the merging of Warframe’s open areas, that’d be pretty sweet. Now I’m lost in flights of fancy

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