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Audio cues, and mini map horribly off for finding caches in cave systems in Eidolon.


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This I would say is a borderline bug report. Caches on surface show up with loot detector, and audio cues line up as well. Ones in cave are horridly off, and do not show up on mini map.

This isn't more challenging, or a curve ball to finish the bounty, its a bad design and idea, if it is intentional as a way to make the player look.

Sure, they spawn in fixed locations, so just go read the wiki for those... Or, I don't know, actually make the game consistent enough to not trample immersion every few minutes by sending folks to not only out of game, but to a third party website, done by volunteers, to do all the heavy lifting of explaining how to actually meet an objective in the game... just a thought.

Edit: Also looks like the bug issue for cache's requiring out of the operational zone travel, i.e., un-needed, would have been caught if actually test played, fail condition of the bounty that has been documented and reported to DE since 2019 is in play here to, great.

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