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Ymir/Sao- planet idea, Children on Ymir, last of the Orokin. (Work in prgress)


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This is a Planet Idea I developed when trying to create a Warframe concept called Aurgelmir. A planet that was terraformed by the Orokin before the old war, in charge of Advanced Terraforming research, agriculture, and Wildlife recreation.

This planet was created out of the base of Sao, one of Neptune’s smaller moons. The Orokin turned it into a water planet putting massive amount of water on it. The planet had one large facility that burrowed all the way through the moon. This facility controlled nearly everything regarding the planets ecosystem, allowing them to change habitats on a whim. Sao even had a massive thruster, nicknamed Krafla, to move the planet into different alignments and orbits. They eventually installed a reservoir of void energy to utilize it in terraforming technology. The facility was Code named Frey.


When the Old War came, the Frey put much effort to support the military. One of the dock workers, a particularly large Orokin Veteran, even became a volunteer in the program that would eventually lead to the production of Warframes. The planet was Loyal to the Empire and it lead to their separation. Eventually, Frey became the target of a massive Sentient fleet carrying 40% of sentient forces at the time. A singular Tenno named Ymir came to save them, for it was in the early stages of Tenno deployment, in a hulking Warframe that manipulated the temperature. The Warframe was called Aurgelmir A.K.A. climate control. He absorbed the temperature of many Sentient ships, causing them to crash and shatter when making impact with the water, while completely melting the infrastructure of others. This Warframes sheer power was not enough for the sentient ships eventually made their way to the center of the facility. To prevent this Aurgelmir went towards the Void well and absorbed the energy to freeze the planet and the entirety of the sentient fleet inside. Ymir was able to get out through the use of void powers and ordered the survivors to direct Krafla to get the large fleet away from both the Solar system and Tau System. However Aurgelmir was trapped in the center

Everyone tells stories how Sao may come back one day as a frozen rock with sentients locked inside but not many know what happened once it went out of orbit of the system.

Story of Ymir: The Tenno that helped redirected Sao helped them rebuild society, yet in a more combative manner. Researchers, scientists, and laborers were taught how to fight by Ymir to hopefully help defend themselves if the sentients escaped from under the ice. They grew crops capable of surviving harsh climates and released many of the genetically modified wildlife. They grew accustomed to hunting their new beasts but only enough to feed the community. Many Orokin lives became harder but Ymir reveled in it, becoming a natural leader, and showed them the way. He grew and as he grew, the planet became more defined. The wildlife became larger, becoming more difficult to hunt and fish, and leaked void energy ever so slightly. Ymir eventually had children of his own then vanished, many say he merged with Aurgelmir to protect the people from the sentients if they woke for they are one. His people would view him with near god-like status, almost worshipping him. The called their planets name to Ymir, believing he made it that way, and called him their shepherd.

Culture: The people of Ymir eventually developed their own culture very different to Orokin culture. They cared no about technology as much due to newfound void powers from the leaking void energy. The leaking void energy did cause shorter life spans bit didn't prove to be as lethal compared to the Zariman Ten Zero incident, only causing dementia and insanity in the final chapters of their life. The people grew accustomed calling themselves Jotun, for they have grown larger due to their new way of life, and called their city Jotunheim. The Jotun style of apparel strongly resemble vikings mixed with Orokin materials. They heavily depend on trading with Niflheim, a tribe of jotun residing under the ice and mine Sao. They used their void powers to create artificial sunlight, fire, aid the growth of crops, however the average person was nothing in comparison to the Children of Ymir. The Children of Ymir void powers were exceptional due to being descendants of Ymir, a tenno, however they were not at the potency of the Tenno. The Children of Ymir led the Jotun into two tribes to fight each other, not out of political differences or beliefs but to make themselves stronger and better prepared to deal with sentients.

The Children of Ymir: The Children of Ymir are highly skilled Orokin warriors able to manipulate void energy into abilities. Every Child of Ymir can infuse their weapons with void energy allowing them to fight sentients. Only the most powerful sentients prove to be dangerous to the deadly warriors. Upon obtaining news of the Collapse, the grew to resent tenno, often hoping to duel them. The Children of Ymir may be fashioned with parts of sentients they've slain or turned them into weapons as sign of strength. They still look like Orokin but much larger and bulkier due to adaptation of their environment.

Work in progress



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