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Railjack - Veil Prox - Anomaly


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So I was popping rivens the other day and one of them wanted me to kill sentients.  I would have went to the plains but it was daylight.  So I just flipped my matchmaing to solo and decided to run the RJ anomaly.   I read the patch notes about us maybe noticing some strange new things with sentients in prep for New War.

But anyways I stormed through the RJ stuff and boarded the anomaly and start killing sentients no prob(didnt notice anything different but they didnt live that long heh).. then I came upon those little #$^#^%* vormalysts.   Previously these were Lv85+ and your amp would do crap all vs them.  (I was hoping we would get insanely more powerful amp parts to handle higher level sentients but alas....).   To my surprise my amp ripped the little mofo's apart.

So if thats a sign of things to come in new war im pretty excited.

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